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Life is continual learning and changing.  

Get started today on your journey to a better you.

There are eight areas of life that continually surround us.  By focusing and working on these areas you will be able to develop the skills needed to reach beyond that part of your life you may be struggling with now.  

Eight areas of life that we can learn more about ourselves:

Business  Reaching new levels in business or career can seem just beyond your grasp.  You may need to get out of your own way to learn the steps that have power to take you where to want and need to go. Start leading the way to your own success.

Health & Wellness – Are you a living life to the fullest or are you taking your body down the wrong road?  Habits you have developed over a lifetime can be changed. You can take proactive steps that will lead you to better health.  Start today to a healthier way of life.

Leadership –  Leadership is about caring for the people around you.  Leaders give others assurance and develop a culture of  trust and accountability.  They create great relationships that develop successful results and better connections.

Personal Growth – Finding your talent and value are gems that help you to grow as a person.  You can open new worlds to gain knowledge and increase your self-worth.  Learn to explore for your hidden treasure.

Finance and Wealth –  Identifying your financial habits, strengths and weaknesses, will provide better control for your future.  Discover how you can change old patterns to lead your way to freedom.

Relationships – Everything in life is surrounded by how we interact with others. Building good relationships are paramount to achieving results and a better existence.  Developing good communication, listening skills,  as well as having compassion and empathy for others will lead to better understanding of yourself.  

Play - Fun, adventure and recreation are important in all aspects of life.  It’s needed to be creative, energize, relieve stress and to improve relationships.  Learn to explore and bring fun into your life.

Spiritual, Values & Community – These are the areas of our lives that come from within.  Tap into your deeper self and look for your life purpose.  Discover who you really are and what you truly value in life. Learning more will help you become a better cherished, respected partner; parent, team player and leader within your world.

"In my efforts to recreate my life, I know I can count on Robin to be there for me.  Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, she listens with compassion.  Robin's positive outlook and encouragement helps me to regain focus and take on challenges with a fresh perspective." - Jessica

“Sessions with Robin are so inspirational.  She's a great listener and her feedback is always thought provoking.  At the end, I always feel renewed and confident that I can face any challenge!” - Jen

“Robin's life coaching sessions really helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. I was at a point where I really needed some help figure out what my next step in life was going to be after my life was turned upside down. She helped me see things in a different way, and helped me think of positive things when my mind was running wild and causing me to feel helpless. Since my sessions with Robin, I have reached a few of my goals by using the tools she taught me. I would highly recommend Robin's services to anyone that is going through a difficult time, or just wanting to make a change in your life and do not know how to. I loved having a judge free and comfortable session with her everytime!” - Christine

“Robin is a great motivator.   I joined the Recharge Me Zone Group a few months ago.    Her insight and guidance is always very helpful.  Too often we neglect ourselves and Robin is a reminder we need to "recharge" especially as we grow older.   I look forward to each month's topic and developing my personal growth through her shared wisdom. - Wendy

“Robin helped me transition into a new phase of life. I moved to SWFL four years ago. It was life changing. Robin helped me refocus my feelings from negative to positive. She pointed out opportunities from challenges and encouraged me to accept the changes. I’ve worked with Robin since 2014. She’s fabulous.” -

M Williams