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The spotlight is on you….


Whether you are a big corporation or a small one person company the world is watching you.  You may not realize it but this could be the only perception a person will have of your company. What are you telling them? Are you branding your company as helpful, timely, resourceful and trustworthy?  I was surprised how much time and effort is put into advertising, social media, website construction but little to no effort in good manners, timely returned calls, as well as good listening skills.


I was fortunate many years ago to work for a company that was traditionally known to be order takers.  They were seen as inflexible and they were losing business.  By taking stock of what was happening they made a big adjustment in their business model and it started with their sales force.  This department was known to be the least accommodating. The department’s typical answer was "we can't" to clients.  They would decide what a client needed based on the budget with no thought to if it was the best fit.  Now change can be hard to assimilate and resistance is great.  To bring the group on board an incentive with big bonuses and a chance for national recognition was given to push them a little faster to this new philosophy.


A new model of consulting with clients was introduced and it started with a visit to a business decision maker after researching the company to learn more about the organization.  Open ended questions were asked and in most cases this uncovered important information.  The purpose of the meeting was set up with the intention to uncover information to be able to see where they may be able to help each other in the future.


The assignment was to explore the company and find ways to solve their issues and problems within the scope of their products and services.  After these initial meetings took place a plan to offer solutions was scheduled and presented.  


The end result to this type of process would create new and better business relationships. Many times this increased business but aside from financial reward the overall included more understanding, respect, trustworthiness and knowledge.  As a result better, stronger communication skills were obtained.

Recently I have been taking notes on my personal interactions with business people in the community.  I encourage you to do the same.  Think about how your clients are looking at your organization from the first phone call or contact with your company.  Look to see if you are seeking solutions for your clients and not just a service provider.  Building these strong relationships will take you further and give you more strength in the long run of economic business cycles.

Robin Griffiths

Engaging Communication and Leadership