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Iva Mae:  The Book Of Mom offers a glimpse into America's rural past and chronicles the struggles and triumphs of a woman who did not let fear stop her from discovering what life had to offer. Known for her cooking, love of holidays, and adventurous, ready-to-go spirit, Iva Mae lived her ninety-one years to the fullest. This is her story.


Iva Mae: The Book of Mom was an enjoyable read for me, particularly because my mother’s life paralleled Iva Mae’s.  Both women were dominant matriarchs who lived 91 years in the same era. Both had a trio of mother-daughter relationships that substantially defined them, and both had loving devoted families that endured despite their dysfunction.   

Readers benefit from the author’s use of historical facts and events to introduce stages of Iva Mae’s life.  They will likely enjoy anecdotes the author includes from an assortment of family members whose humorous stories provide testimony to Iva Mae’s character.  Although we learn that she had narcissistic tendencies, it seemed to fuel her strong will, independence, and zest for life.  Readers will find Iva Mae to be an admirable woman and join her fan club – “They Liked Me.”

Karen L.  2019

"Iva Mae: The Book of Mom" is a heartfelt account of a very strong woman that was born in a different place and time, overcame struggles and turmoil, took life's challenges, overcame them, and still managed to hold true to her faith and family throughout. Life for all of us is what we are able to make of it. Iva Mae definitely made the most of hers. I felt as though as I was right there living it with her. This book will leave you feeling inspired and make you want to take on life's challenges yourself. J.S

Robin's story detailing her mother's life serves as a reminder of the struggles, triumphs, and advancements our nation has endured. Iva Mae: The Book of Mom recounts the life of one women and her family's story that any one, from any generation, can relate to. Beautifully written with historical facts and humorous real life events! J.R.

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